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Simple javascript slider

Simple Javascript Slider

In this tutorial, we have to see about simple Javascript slider/carousel. In dribbble, I have seen different types of animation for the slider which animated using SVG, motion graphics and so on. So I am trying to make a different animation for the slider. At first, I need basic animation for the slider here is the demo. In future, I’ll post different kinds of the slider will be updated. Let’s see the simple Javascript slider.


Code Contains

  • HTML
  • CSS, Transition
  • Javascript


Create HTML structure for the slider.

<div class="container" id="container">
<div class="slider-container" id="sliderContainer" data-slide="0" style="transform: translateX(0px)"> 
<div class="slider"></div> 
<div class="slider"></div> 
<div class="slider"></div> 
<div class="slider"></div> 
<div class="slider"></div> 

Add Navigation arraow “left” and “right”

<div class="navigation"> 
<span class="nav-prev" id="prev"></span> 
<span class="nav-next" id="next"></span>


window.onload = function(){
windowWt = window.innerWidth;
windowHt = window.innerHeight;

container = document.getElementById("container");
sliderContainer = document.getElementById("sliderContainer");
sliderLength = sliderContainer.children.length;
sections = sliderContainer.children;

var totalWidth = sliderLength * windowWt; = windowWt+"px"; = totalWidth+"px"; = windowHt+"px";

for(i=0; i<sliderLength; i++){
sections[i].style.width = windowWt+"px";
sections[i].style.height = windowHt+"px";



Add event and action for next and previous arrow using initSlider function.

function initSlider(){
	prevElm = document.getElementById("prev");
	nextElm = document.getElementById("next");
	prevElm.addEventListener("click", function(){
		var slideNum = parseInt(sliderContainer.getAttribute("data-slide"))-1;
		if(slideNum < 0){return false;} var transX = -(slideNum*windowWt); = "translateX("+transX+"px)" sliderContainer.setAttribute("data-slide", slideNum); }, false); nextElm.addEventListener("click", function(){ var slideNum = parseInt(sliderContainer.getAttribute("data-slide"))+1; if(slideNum >= sliderLength){return false;}
		var transX = -(slideNum*windowWt); = "translateX("+transX+"px)";
		sliderContainer.setAttribute("data-slide", slideNum);
	}, false);


Thank you for reading this tutorial, and if you have any queries feel free to ask. If you need any tutoial raise the request using Request Tutorial form.

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