Parallel scrolling

Parallel Scrolling

In this tutorial, we have to see about parallel scrolling using javascript. What is parallel scrolling and where I used? For my prototyping tool, need this requirement of the parallel scrolling in timeline section. In the timeline, the section has two subsections left panel, right panel. the left panel has a list of elements with CSS properties, the right panel contains duration, easing, delay for each CSS property. If left panel scrolled, then need to scroll right panel automatically and vice-versa. Let see the simple script used in parallel scrolling.

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Collision detection using javascript

Collision Detection Using Javascript

car illustration from


Hi… ? The simple fun exercise for collision detection with javascript.  In most of the game apps like car game, if car hits(collision) on the wall or any another car then you lose the game and need to play again. Now we’re going to see how to find if two elements are hits or not. Let’s see how it’s working.

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Detecting Adblocker with Javascript

adblocker detector

Now-a-days most of the readers installed adblocker plugin which blocks annoying ads in the browser. But from the publisher’s point of view adblocker is killing the revenue of the website. Most of the publisher share their content for free of cost and gets revenue from displaying ads to pay for hosting, domain, emails, writers and other services. Let see how to detect adblocker with javascript. Read more…