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Say no to jquery for tooltip

Tooltip – A common Graphical User Interface(GUI) element. This tooltip is a helper text that will appear when the user hovers a mouse pointer above HTML element, without clicking it. A tooltip contains information about an item.

You may have created many tooltips using jquery. But now in this demo, we are going to discuss an alternative way to create a tooltip using HTML and CSS.

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Notification list animation using CSS3


The List contains a number of connected items consecutively, typically one below the other.

In this tutorial, We are going to explain about adding of animation while notification. Also discussed different types of animation according to various positions like sidebar list and notification list. At this moment you may ask, “Why animation is required for notifications?”. To answer your question, if you are planning to implement lists in your websites in positions like navigation list or sidebar list, by animation we can improve user interaction for a webpage. So that user will notice what is happening on a page if some actions are done. This will increase the user attention to convey from where the list is getting arrived.

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